Lenore - Version 2

Currently, I’m serving as Executive Director for University Relations at SUNY Canton in the beautiful North Country of New York. I am the chief government relations contact at the College, and I oversee Public Relations and economic development initiatives, including the Small Business Development Center. I also keep a foot in the classroom, teaching various political science courses.

I am also Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Notre Dame in Political Science and Peace Studies through the dual-degree program at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. I also hold a J.D. from Notre Dame Law School and an LL.M. in International Human Rights Law from Notre Dame’s Center for Civil and Human Rights.

My dissertation research focuses on military occupation, specifically why and how it ends. In particular, I ask: why do some military occupations end while others endure? I emphasize the interaction of international and domestic factors to explain why occupying states end military occupation.

I am also interested in the measurement and conceptualization of democracy, environmental politics, and how international laws and norms shape state behavior and domestic decision-making.